Your plans will backfire; Security Caution Opposition over “Planned riots”

The late Maj Gen Paul Lokech: Courtesy Photo

Security agencies in Uganda have said they are aware of elements and political groups promoting panic over alleged electoral fraud, warning them that their plans are set to backfire.

The warning according to security follows threats from opposition political groups in form of video and audio messages, warning citizens about the impending riots in the wake of the 14th January presidential election which gave the incumbent Yoweri Museveni victory.

The audio messages whose sources this website could not verify, announce a shutdown on Uganda from 3rd to 7th February 2021, during which no business will operate including public transport, schools and private workplaces especially in Kampala City. In one of the messages, a one Juuko Mazinga who claims he based in Brussels, Belgium, alleges that the planned demonstrations are backed by foreign forces, and will trigger mass uprisings which will culminate in regime change.

In a joint statement issued on Monday, the Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj Gen. Paul Lokech informed the public that security agencies are taking the threats seriously and cautioned elements in the opposition behind the threats that the forces are ready for them.

Gen Lockech assured the general public that security agencies are doing everything within their means to ensure to keep them safe from all forms of violence including decisive and manipulative politics during the aftermath of the elections.

He however urged Ugandans to reject “the politics of fear” saying “Ugandans who made their choice” during general elections want to live in peace and dignity without fear and uncertainty about what will follow.

“We urge them not to tolerate any acts of impunity and and lawlessness and watch out for any culprits planning to burn tyres, attack people who are going about their normal businesses” he said.

…we would like to assure all Ugandans and visitors to Uganda that we have very robust plans to respond appropriately against all perpetrators of violent crime and lawlessness. All malicious plans by some opposition groups and their propagandists will definitely backfire because we cannot allow for anarchy to prevail…” Major Lokech said.




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