Be careful not to bring Hypocrisy in God’s Work -Museveni warns Pastors on re-opening of Churches

President Museveni; Courtesy Photo

President Museveni said Ugandans who are agitating for the re-opening of Churches and Mosques risk punishment from God for being deceitful because they know the consequences of doing so. He also warned them against bringing hypocrisy in the work of God.

Museveni's statements are in a missive he issued today in response to social media comments he received from Ugandans when he posted a letter highlighting reasons why he opened some sectors of the economy and left others closed. In the missive, President Museveni appreciates positive responses but also addresses concerns of his audience who were "negative, arrogant and hostile" to him.

The "negative groups" according to Museveni include those who are clamoring for re-opening of places of worship who he said are "trying to lecture him about the importance of the church and mosques, not knowing that they are talking to the former President of the Scripture Union at Ntare School and a Bible enthusiast of some little weight."

Recently, a section of pastors came out strongly to protest the continued closure of Churches saying the Standard Operation procedures (SOPs) issued by the Ministry of Health as prerequisite to re-opening other businesses, can also be enforced in worship places.

Museveni however says Churches and mosques are important when the situations are normal, but rushing the re-opening and putting lives of believers at the risk of coronavirus infections is a bad idea. He also noted that believers do not necessarily need to congregate for prayers because God is everywhere.

"What the actors should be careful about is bringing hypocrisy in the House or work of God. You remember what happened to Ananias? In the book of Acts, chapter 5. He deceived God and died promptly. When you press for the unplanned opening of places of Worship or criticize our actions on that, are you bearing in mind the safety of the children of God or are you thinking about something else? Be careful with that side of opportunism." Museveni said.

“Ruhaanga ari omu myaanya yoona -God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent and He cannot be duped" He added.

President Museveni said the Inter Religious Council (IRC) is engaging scientists on re-opening of places of worship and the closure remains in place until a safe-way of re-opening is found. He also noted that many of the scientists who are in discussions with IRCU are devout Christians or Muslims who also may want to see places of worship opened soon.

Museveni warned another section of Ugandans advancing a school of thought he called a "a dangerous line" represented by a one Agnes Akullo who was saying that God will protect Ugandans against covid-19 and therefore government should just open the schools.

"In the book of Genesis, God created man in His image (God's image) and directed him (man) to establish "dominion over the creations", including the viruses" He said.

Museveni congratulated the NRM for decisively contributing to keeping his "Bazukulu" who engaged him on social media alive by immunizing them when they were young and for aggressively keeping at bay the coronavirus since it descended on Uganda by using the lockdown method.

He cited an example of USA, a highly modernized country which has lost 152,000 people in a few months saying comparing death rates from countries, Uganda would, by now, have lost 152,000 to coronavirus, if the measures put in place by his government were not enforced.

"I am, therefore, very proud, with the assistance of God, to have, So far, stopped such scale of deaths descending on Ugandans. David Cisse Sisye calls me a "disgrace". I am very proud to be a disgrace that saved Ugandans. At one time I was called a bandit. Nothing new." Museveni said.

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  1. Well done your excellence, people deceiving and infiltrating government officials that schools and churches should open are enemies to this nation, we all have to unite in this and being greed over others

  2. museveni should let universities open we are tired of false information from mafias who tell lies to country that there is death and rise of covid cases they must stop cause even God will punish them cause they are telling lies to the nation since they are benefiting from it

  3. Comment: Let the lockdown continue until we acknowledge that we are sinners and a National day of repentance in sackcloth and ashes is the only remedy for our Nation. God is faithful He will relent if repent like Nineveh. 2CHRONICLES 7:14


  4. Having been a president of the scripture union 50+years. ago does not make him a Christian. His comparable quote of Ananias episode expose him to some ignorance of the Bible. God, ultimately has protected Uganda, not NRM. And God will show that to him and his party soon.
    Father in heaven, have mercy on us.


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