US Embassy concerned about Army brutality in Makerere Students’ Protests

Concerned; US Mission seal. File

The US mission in Uganda has noted that it is increasingly concerned about the violence happening at Makerere University including the attack on unarmed students in their halls of residence by the army.

In a statement released on their twitter handle on Monday, the US mission condemned the high handed response by security services in the students’ protests referring to it as a direct affront to the freedoms of assembly, speech, and expression guaranteed by the constitution.

The statement says the footage of security services attacking unarmed students and journalists covering the protests are ‘especially disturbing’ and uncalled for.

The US mission urges government to allow all Ugandans to exercise their basic rights peacefully, and without fear.

Earlier today, the administration of Makerere University had agreed to meet student leaders to resolve the impasse that erupted on Tuesday last week over a new fees policy that enforce a 15 percent increment on tuition.

The students protest the increment claiming it is unfair and want it dropped. The administration however says the increment was agreed upon by both parties, and documented as well.

Protests immediately turned chaotic when the army intervened beating protesters, and the footage released on social media showed officers in army uniform flogging students and blocking journalists from covering the events.



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