Ethics to be Part of School Curriculum in Uganda- Hon. Janet Museveni


The government of Uganda through the ministry of education is planning to integrate a study on ethics and morals into the school curriculum as a means to counteract the escalating levels of moral decadence in Ugandans.

This new development was part of the education minister’s message during the launch of a parliamentary forum on ethics and integrity, held yesterday at parliament.

In the minister’s message that was read by Hon. Mary Karooro Okurut, Hon. Janet  Museveni says that the ministry of education has all along realized that the state of ethical values has plummeted in the country and come up with a plan to modify the curriculum in order to emphasize, inculcate and nurture ethical values right from the family.

 According to the minister, the ministry of education has been all along planning to inculcate the study of ethical values across the board starting with primary school curriculum, and it is going to be compulsory for every pupil so that at the word go, children are taught the national ethical values.

The minister said the main objective is to ensure discipline at an early age, and making sure that children are nurtured into responsible citizens who respect and adhere to national ethical values.

“It will be integrated in the primary and secondary school curriculum but it will be emphasized at primary level because these are formative years of growth and therefore learning at this stage which is proven to be effective.”  Hon. Janet Kataha Museveni said.

“The ministry is also integrating the teaching of professional ethics in tertiary institutions and at university level in order to make sure that teachers too adhere to ethical values since reports show that some teachers lack the morals.” She said.

She also highlighted the crucial role of parents in integrating morals into their children since parents are the first educators.

Speaking after the launch, the Inspector General of Governments Lady Justice Irene Mulyagonja applauded the move by government saying it will complement the existing strategies in combating the rising level of moral decay in the country.



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