Lubaga Hospital launches the first Specialized Transplant Centre in Uganda


Lubaga Hospital on Monday announced it launched the first specialized transplant center in Uganda.

This comes 2 months after Uganda enacted the Uganda Human Organ Donation Act 2023 to regulate the donation of organs, cells and tissues as well as their transplant. The legislation adopted in May 2023 provides avenues to harmonize organ donations and transplants while addressing the issues of illicit trading and protection of the dignity and identity of every person so as to guarantees their respect and integrity.

According to the Hospital website, the new facility in Kampala -Dr Rita Moser Transplant Center is equipped to handle specialized transplant procedures which Ugandans have been sourcing abroad.

Being the second-oldest Hospital in the country, Lubaga has been taking care of the health care needs of Ugandans for the last 122 years, through times of war, epidemics, natural disasters and now COVID-19 pandemic.

Lubaga Hospital Executive Director Dr. Julius Luyimbaazi also boasts of the facility having the best specialists operating in different departments.

The story of Lubaga Hospital started on 18th October 1899 when six missionary sisters of Our Lady of Africa arrived at Lubaga hill where they were given a plot of land of Land by Kabaka Daudi Chwa.

Beginning as an open-air dispensary in the first few months, the facility grew to a twenty-bed Hospital by 1900, and with the grace of God this journey of growth has since taken leaps and bounds to-date.

Presently, the Lubaga Hospital is a 240 bed-capacity referral unit offering a full range of specialized and super-specialized services within departments including ICU, Urology, Plastic surgery, Maxillofacial, Hepato biliary, Neurosurgery, Cardiology and GI surgery.



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