Museveni tasks police on 6 Security Mistakes in Shooting of Indian businessman

President Museveni; Courtesy Photo

Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni has tasked Uganda police force to interrogate 6 key circumstances he identified as mistakes that could have led to the death of an Indian businessman who was shot yesterday by a rogue police officer.

Police Constable Ivan Wabwire on Friday walked into premises housing a money lending institution and shot dead Uttam Bhandari and majestically walked out before vanishing into thin air.

Police today said Wabwire had mental issues and had been restricted to carry a firearm.

SSP Patrick Onyango Police PRO FOR Metropolitan Kampala says investigations are still ongoing to ascertain the motive of the murder but also a hunt is on to apprehend the killer who has since become a fugitive on the run.

Bellow is President Museveni’s letter to Bazukkulu on the matter at hand:

Ugandans and, especially the Bazzukulu,

Condolences on the death of one of our Indian People, Mr. Uttam Bhandari, killed by a Police Constable by the names of Wabwire Ivan.

All these mistakes are easily traceable. In this case, for instance, some questions immediately come up:

1. How did an off-duty Police man, access a gun?
2. Did he walk away from his guard post without permission with a gun to commit crime?
3. How are the guns stored in the Police?
4. Is there no security at the site where the victim was?
5. Why did that local security allow an armed person into the building who had no guard business there? Then, there is the question of the mental state of this Policeman.
6. Did he have a history of mental instability? If he had, why hadn’t the Police leadership noticed and acted appropriately?

The answers to these questions may help us to plug the gaps in the security system.
Condolences to the family of Bhandari.



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