Africa’s Freedom is within her reach -Bp. Dr. George Oduch


By Bp. Dr. George Oduch

When we see such messages that US president Joe Biden, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, UN Human Rights boss, etc.. has said this and that about Ugandan parliament passing a law against homosexuality; we need to know that all those statements are part of the propaganda machinery from the West.

The answers to our problems as Africans are found in our people and what God has put in our continent. The answer is not in caring about what America and Europe thinks. That is why it is sickening to hear sycophants like Andrew Mwenda saying that the economy of Uganda suffer following the passing of the anti-homosexuality bill. He is only trying to threaten PresidentMuseveni from signing the bill into law.

We all know that there is not even one economy in Africa or anywhere around the world that the West has ever built. No, not even one. They work 24/7 to make sure that Africa remain poor and subjugated. That is why in the past I said that let the church pray for God to raise leaders of the Magafuli type all over Africa who will refused to listen to the lies of the West and shun the greed of the Chinese.

Tanzania’s infrastructure which the late Magufuli built in 5 years made the Western economic strategists very uncomfortable in their seats. The Late President Magufuli believed in fair dealings when it came to bilateral trade relations. You need to know that the West was very unhappy with Magufuli and many rightly believed that they had a hand in his death.

Another leader Africa lost was Gaddafi.
Though I am a Pastor, I was a great sympathiser of Col Muammar Gaddafi. Why? Because he was a great African leader who worked for the good of his people and valued the unity of Africa. What most of us were fed with about Gaddafi came from the propaganda machinery of the West. Libyans in Gaddafi’s era never paid electricity Bill’s, medical bills etc and the state provided them with subsistence allowance when they were still jobless after college.

The only person now remaining who can set a pace for Africa is President Yoweri Museveni. We need to pray for him for protection and boldness because he is a legitimate target of the West who do not wish Africa good. The fact is; Uganda has what it takes to revolutionize the economy and set a pace for Africa.

Once other African nations could see that the answer lies within our nations and the people, then Africa will truly become free. Shalom.

Bp. Dr. George Oduch is the General Overseer of Church of Christ Ministries International Luzira, Uganda.



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