Ministry of Education avails over 400 Scholarship opportunities at UTAMU university

Staff members and students during an event at UTAMU University; Photo Courtesy

The Ministry of Education and Sports through Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) has availed over 400 scholarship offers for the Academic year 2022/2023, under the 2023 May, intake.

The scholarship opportunities which cover tuition and functional fees, are mainly targeting youths bellow 30 years and government employees working in selected sectors and departments.

According to a message posted by the MoES, 100 scholarship offers are going to youth bellow the age of 30 and government employees working in departments that handle information and Data Security, cybercrime, forensics and related areas who wish to undertake a Bachelor of Science course in Computer Security and Forensics.

Another 100 is an offer for their counterparts in government working in Project Planning and Management, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, and related areas. These will be going for a Bachelor of Project Planning and Management.

The next 100 offers are up for grabs for all youth bellow the age of 30 wishing to study Bachelor of Business Administration.

The last 100 according to MoES, are available for holders of a Diploma in Education with relevant teaching subjects who wish to study a Bachelor of Education (Secondary).

Of the 400 scholarships available, 120 slots have been allocated for 4 different regions of Uganda with each region exclusively given 20 scholarships.

MoES indicates that potential candidates can either download and fill in the online application form available at;

Then send the filled application form to email: [email protected] OR submit the filled hard copy of application to UTAMU Bugoloobi and Kungu Campuses. Deadline for Applications is 28 April 2023.



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