Police recovers over 40tons of vandalized High Voltage electricity infrastructure around Kampala


Police has carried out an intelligence led operation in three different areas around Kampala and recovered over 40 tonnes of angle lines used to construct high voltage power lines.

According to the information shared on the force’s social media sites, the operation targeted areas where suspected electrical materials are stored and sold in Kampala.

The three locations are; Social center scrap yard in Mengo parish, Kampala Central Division Kampala district, Nakitende scrap yard at budonian village Mengo parish in Central division, and Kisenyi scrap dealers opposite Ham building also in Centra zone -Kisenyi.

This follows reports of constant vandalism of Umeme electrical materials in different parts of the country and are brought and sold amongst them in areas of Kisenyi Mengo in Kampala District.

An internal Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) recent report indicates that Shs37.87 billion will be needed to replace lattice steel towers that were vandalised in the past two years.



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