Education Ministry okays International schools to continue teaching as others close due to Ebola


International schools in Uganda have been given a green light to complete the school term despite the threat of the Ebola Virus disease outbreak which forced other schools to close early.

The Ministry of Education recently directed all pre-primary and primary schools to closee two weeks early on November 25, 2022 as a measure to minimise congestion that may expose learners to Ebola which broke out in the country in October.

However, the Ministry of Education and Sports stated that International schools can continue to operate beyond 25th November, partlybecause they follow the calendas and curricula of international bodies to which they are affiliated.

In a letter dated 15th November 2022, the Permanent Secretary MOE&S Ketty Lamaro also clarified that the small enrolment numbers in international schools and the fact that learners are dropped and picked by parents everyday, minimizes the risk of Ebola infection and spread.

“I also note from your letter that international schools have put in place effective prevention and control measures against Ebola Virus Disease” Lamalo stated in the letter.

“Therefore, the purpose of this letter is to inform you that international schools may continue to operate in line with calendars of affliated bodies provided the Standard Operation Procedures for education institutions issued by the Ministry of Health are strictly adhered to” she noted.



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