Jailed Rwenzururu Kingdom royal guards need urgent medical attention -Kasese MP urges Gov’t


By Mary Asujo

Kasese District woman MP, Hon. Florence Kabugho had appealed to government to accord the royal guards immediate medical attention because they badly need it.

“During my recent visit to the prison, the guards who appeared frail, weak and want urgent help,” said Kabugho.

She made the remarks in an interview with journalists when she claimed that during her recent visit to the prisoners, several guards appeared very ill and wanting urgent medical attention.

According to her, the royal guards have suffered various ailments while in prison for which they seek to be released to access treatment. The prisoners are part of the group which was rounded up by security following the infamous military assault on Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere’s palace in Kasese in 2016. Some have been under incarceration up to today.

With pain in her eyes, Ms Kabugho questioned why the group has spent close to six years in jail without being sentenced but on charges of terrorism, treason, murder among others, yet they are in dire need of medical attention.

The Member of Parliament queried why, even if they have been denied bail, government continues to fail on delivering basic medical attention to them.

They are jointly charged alongside their King Charles Wesley Mumbere, who is out on bail. Through their Rwenzururu Kingdom lawyers led by Mr Alfred Makasi, the suspects contend that they have spent a long time on remand. The group was committed to stand trial on June 22, 2017.

The legislator asked the Deputy Attorney General, Hon. Jackson Kafuuzi to ensure that the prisoners seek urgent medical help because they are not well.

Violence erupted on 26 November 2016 in the town of Kasese, the capital of the Ugandan Kingdom of Rwenzururu, when Ugandan police raided the government offices of the Rwenzururu kingdom and hundreds of lives were lost in the attack.



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