Buganda Kingdom to hold prayers as the Kabaka’s Birthday celebrations remain suspended

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muenda Mutebi II; Courtesy Photo

The administration of Buganda Kingdom today announced prayers organized for the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, as the King’s 67th birthday celebrations remain suspended pending his return from a trip to Europe where he went last month.

The Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga had earlier said that the kingdom suspended all celebrations, hoping to hold them sometime next month in May, due to among others the absence of the Kabaka.

In a press release issued today, Mayiga said the Balangira clan heads have organized special prayers at Namirembe Cathedral instead and appealed to his subjects to join in prayer thanking God for the gift of the Kabaka’s life and to ask for his protection as he presides over the kingdom.

“Olwa leero, ab’Olulyo Olulangira bategeseeyo okusaba okw’abenju mu lutikko e Namirembe. Naffe tubegatteko okwebaza Katonda olwobulamu bwa Ssaabasajja..” Katikkiro Mayiga wrote.

“We are happy for the 67 years God has given to the Kabaka and we are pleased for what Buganda has so far achieved. He returned from exile at 31 years of age and was enthroned at 38. Today at 67, a lot has been transformed in the Kingdom” Mayiga said in Luganda.

Mayiga said whereas Buganda Kingdom is faced with some challenges, there is a reason to celebrate the fact that the Kabaka is on the throne and the Kingdom is progressing.

The celebrations were meant to be held either on this past weekend, or at least before today (Wednesday) April 13, 2022, when the King of Buganda marks 67 years.

In such celebrations, Mayiga says the focus must be on the livelihoods of the Kings subjects especially in the aspect of development, and real celebrations should manifest in adherence to the Kabaka’s advice on several issues like avoiding catching the HIV/AIDS, vaccination against COVID-19, prioritizing education of children.

The Kingdom Premier also appealed to the Kabaka’s subjects to fight poverty through commercial faming planting coffee, bananas and livestock rearing as well as youth’s engagement in profitable ventures. He called for innovation, transparency and hard work.

Over the years, the Kabaka’s birthday celebrations have been a cocktail of events including a mini marathon -the Kabaka Birthday run, prayers and a birthday party with a dance fete. Almost all these have been put on hold for various reasons.

Addressing journalists at Bulange Mengo, the kingdom’s premier, Charles Peter Mayiga said the suspension was due to two main issues.

“The 13th of April will be the Kabaka’s birthday, he will be turning 67. The Sunday preceding the Kabaka’s birthday is when we have the Kabaka’s birthday run. One, we weren’t able to run (on Sunday) for two reasons; one, the (birthday run) kit, while it has been delivered in Uganda, it is still at the customs department, our partners are working on the modalities to have the kit released,” Mayiga said.

Last month, Katikkiro Mayiga revealed that the Kabaka had flown out of the country, via Dutch national airliner, KLM, to Germany for medical check up.

He said that the Kabaka would also use this trip to meet up with several Buganda development partners in various European states including the Netherlands.

Editors Note: From us at Sabasabaupdates, we say; Happy Birthday the Kabaka of Buganda upon your 67th Birthdate. May God keep you safe as you continue to lead your people.



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