COWARD? Mabirizi goes into hiding to evade arrest, says it is his Constitutional right to hide


Controversial lawyer Male Mabirizi has spoken from hiding where he ran after court issued a warrant of arrest against him saying it is his Constitutional right to evade arrest.

Speaking from an unknown location, a man who prides in rule of law -at times speaking as if he is untouchable, admitted that he ran away from justice and is in constant fear of being arrested.

A few days ago, following a court order for his arrest and an 18 month sentence in jail for contempt of court, Mabirizi threatened to sue any policeman who attempts to arrest him claiming the order was not a warrant of arrest.

In a Facebook LIVE broadcast today via his personal account, the controversial lawyer now admits he is “hiding in a cave” -empuku, where he hopes no policeman can find him.

He also scoffed at critics who cheer him to rise and challenge the charges against him in courts of law, saying he is “not silly to just give away his right of liberty yet.” Mabirizi cites Article 3 of the Uganda Constitution which highlights the duty of citizens to defend the Constitution and resist anyone or groups of persons seeking to overthrow it.

“We have a duty to resist these illegal and moronic decisions and we have to do all in our powers to resist irregularities” Mabirizi notes; The right to liberty is a fundamental right. You don’t just take away my liberty”

“And you think I am so silly, Mbeere awo?” He said speaking from a small dimly lit room and occasionally jerking to look outside a testimony that he fears he may be smoked out.

A sell-proclaimed advocate for rule of law, Mabirizi made his life miserable when he started attacking all prominent Ugandans, suing the Kabaka of Buganda over land-related matters, the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni, and president of National Unity platform (NUP) -Robert Kyagulanyi.

Sadly, he has not won any of the cases filed and the consequences are catching up with him.

His recent battle with the judges has made his life worse after a 300million fine was slapped against him for insulting judicial officers, and an 18 months jail term was ordered by Justice Musa Ssekaana for contempt of court.

Mabirizi has since challenged the ruling in court claiming he was not accorded a fair hearing. He however continues to use social media to attack judges accusing them of being biased while claiming some of them are not fit to be in office.
Even in this same broadcast, he continues to bash Justice Musa Ssekaana as one who is incompetent and doesn’t deserve to preside over a family court.

From the hiding place which he says could possibly be deep in remote villages or outside Uganda, Mabirizi insists he will continue to fight for rule of law in Uganda. He continues to lambast judges as well as critics who have been mocking him that his time is up. He vows he is not going down easily.

“I am a fighter and a every fighter employs tactics. You wanted me in prison so that you can get relief, which I will not give you” he said.

“And you who think hiding is criminal? No. No. it is not.” Mabirizi said as if he hasn’t read; “You can run, but you cannot hide”

Follow the link and listen to Mabirizi speak in hiding:



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