UGANDA: Donated AstraZeneca vaccines being used are valid and safe -Health Ministry

MOH Senior Public Relations Officer Emmanuel Ainebyoona; Courtesy Photo

The Ministry of Health has disputed claims that some citizens could have been administered with expired AstraZeneca vaccines in the ongoing nationwide vaccination campaigns against COVID-19 in Uganda.

The ministry’s response follows claims by Erute County MP Jonathan Odur who told parliament on Thursday that some of the COVID-19 vaccines Uganda received as a donation had only 3 weeks left on it’s shelf life, and have already expired. Following the claims, a photograph of a vial/ bottle of the AstraZeneca Vaccine has been circulating on social media and attracted anxiety in members of the public.

In a statement, Mr Emmanuel Ainebyoona, Senior Public Relations Officer MOH, disputed the claims saying the AstraZeneca vaccines being administered are valid and have a shelf life of up to 30th September, 2021.

“The expiry date usually means that you should not take the medicine after the end of the month given. For example, if the expiry date is July 2020, you should not take the medicine after 31 July 2020.” Ainebyoona said.

According to Mr Ainebyoona, this specific batch of the AstraZeneca Vaccines arrived in the country in August, 2021 and expires at the end of September which means it is still valid, safe and effective.

He noted that COVID vaccines have only 6 months between manufacturing and expiry and MOH expects that all of them to be used before they expiry, given the quantities supplied and the huge demand in districts. Ainebyoona however said the Chinese Sinovac Vaccines have a shelf life of 24 months.

This week, African Union, a continental body also raised concerns on the validity the COVID-19 vaccine donations African countries have been receiving from developed countries .

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