KENYA: Joy as Man who left 47 years ago to buy Rice at a local shop Returns

James Mwaura (in blue suit) with his family members after return; Courtesy Photo

A Kenyan man who went missing 47 years ago after he was sent to buy rice at a local grocery store has finally returned to his family.

Local media reported that James Mwaura, then aged 23, disappeared from home in 1974 after he was sent to to buy rice for the family only to return this week.

Now 70, Mwaura has found his way back home in Molo, Nakuru County thanks to Facebook.

According to CitizenDigital, Mwaura reportedly got disoriented on his way to the shops only to later find himself in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.

But he had no money and no relative to turn to as he found that his brothers who stayed in the city had also moved.

He then hitched a ride to Naro Moru in Nyeri County where he started a new life and married a woman he met there.

Years later, while scrolling on Facebook, Mwaura stumbled upon a seemingly familiar face whom he sent a message and it turned out the person is one of his nephews.

The two struck up a conversation and agreed to meet up on Wednesday, before the family reunion eventually happened on Thursday, 22 July 2021.

Mwaura, who arrived home in a blue suit, informed the family members that he is now happily married and blessed with three children and four grandchildren.



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