KENYA: Nairobi, Four Kenyan counties put under new COVID-19 Lockdown

Nairobi under lockdown again as Kenya battles a new wave of COVID-19; Courtesy Photo

By Mary Asujo

The Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta announced a lockdown in Five counties including Nairobi, Machakos, Kaimbu, Kajiado and Nakuru amid a new wave of coronavirus.

Kenyatta made the announcement on 26th while speaking from State House Nairobi during a presidential address on the pandemic.

“After seeing a high rate of cases, am compelled to revise the guidelines to contain the disease. Since the pandemic first hit the country, it has been claiming 7 people on a daily basis. Third wave of the disease started in March started with 3000 cases being reported daily.

According to statistics, the five counties account for 80% of the cases recorded in the country. Kenyatta called on Kenyans to exercise self responsibility and adhere to strict set guidelines to stay safe.

“It is a moment like this that we must all take responsibility to protect each other from the disease and to those who have since lost loved ones to the pandemic, government stands with you during this trying moment” he said.

“COVID-19 can be defeated by washing and complying with all guidelines, it’s an invisible enemy. “Government can’t fight alone. We need all to part to wage and win this war. I will uphold the duty and go as far as it takes to ensure we stay safe” said Kenyatta.

The curfew in the affected counties has also been extended from 8pm to 4am until authorities decide otherwise while Public transport is to operate in designated places and carry recommended passengers.

According to the newly issued guidelines, buyers and sellers must wear masks, wash hands and government officials have been told to work from home until further notice.

All education institutions and high institutions of learning should stay home apart from the candidate classes. All sports activities are suspended.

International travels into and out of Kenya will remain but under tough guidelines and no movement in and out of infested countries.

“Law enforcers are here by urged to implement the measures without fear or favour” he added.

The third wave has strained Kenya’s health facilities, with the country’s positivity rate now at 20%. The rate of infection has gone up 10 times between January and March 2021. Rising death rate from COVID-19 is also a concern in the country.

The new wave will likely peak in 30 days at about 3,000 cases daily, Kenyatta said.



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