Tiger Woods involved in a serious Car Accident

Involved in a serious car crash; Golfing legend Tiger Woods; Courtesy Photo

Golfing legend Tiger Woods has been rushed to hospital after being involved in a car crash Tuesday morning in a residential area south of Los Angeles.

Woods was the only person in the car and had to be removed via the a hydraulic rescue tool called the ‘jaws of life’.

Woods had to be extricated from his vehicle with “serious injuries to both legs” and was transferred to a hospital, Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby said.

Mark Steinberg, his longtime agent, said Woods, 45, underwent surgery, but the extent of those injuries and any prognosis for recovery were not immediately available.

The accident marked the latest stunning turn for Woods, whose professional highs and personal lows have been broadcast in real time the past quarter-century for the world to see, from the familiar sight of him wearing his signature red shirt on the Sunday of a tournament to the viral clips of a 2017 arrest.

The news especially rocked the golf world, the uncertainty fueling speculation about whether Woods, who has battled injuries and ailments the past several years, will be able to mount another comeback and again hoist a trophy at a major championship.



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