I have no political differences with Kadaga -Museveni

President Museveni and speaker Rebecca Kadaga dance at a campaign rally at Kamuli Youth Centre Saturday; NRM Photo

President Yoweri Museveni said that he has resolved all his political differences with the speaker of parliament Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga and they have since agreed to jointly work together for the country’s economic transformation.

While speaking to NRM delegates in Busoga Sub region during his campaign meeting at Kamuli Youth Centre on Saturday, Museveni said that there is no way he could harbor differences with Kadaga and yet pretend to be working with her.

“Whatever an issue I have had with honorable Kadaga, we have discussed it and we have resolved it. Rebecca Kadaga on all the major issues up to now we’re together, there is no outstanding issue which I don’t or she doesn’t agree with my position” Museveni said.

Museveni’s rivalry with Kadaga became more apparent in April 2020 following a supplementary budget the MPs passed allocating themselves Shs 10 billion to fight the coronavirus pandemic, a move president Museveni condemned as morally irreprehensible. On the other hand, Kadaga vehemently defended the decision which was later settled in courts of law and parliament forced to abandon the move.

Citing his misunderstanding with former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi who challenged him for presidency during the 2016 general elections, Museveni told the delegates that, he has now reconciled with Mbabazi and they are now talking.

Museveni argues that having senseless wars creates room for opportunists who will take advantage of extorting money from the warring parties in exchange for baseless rumors so as to fuel the conflict. He said the endless conflicts amongst leaders affect development as they tend to focus their efforts on resolving personal rifts other than tackling the challenges of voters.

“It creates unnecessary diversions when you have all unnecessary divisions. Then when you have differences, you have got opportunists who make money out of lies so they come and say; Museveni doesn’t support Kadaga. But Yoweri Museveni; If I don’t support you, I tell you.. If am against Kadaga why do I have to hide and go here, go there. It’s an insult to me to say I don’t support somebody and I can’t tell that person,” Museveni said.

Museveni further tasked leaders within Busoga sub-region to avoid their endless differences and work towards the unity and economic independence of their people.

On her part, Kadaga urged the entire Busoga region to vote for Museveni come 14th January 2021 saying he is still best suited to take Uganda forward.

Kadaga told NRM delegates that she was the reason why Museveni was able to retain power after she tactfully presided over a parliamentary session that lifted the 75-year presidential age limit that opened the last valve for Museveni to contest for the presidency again.



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