Ethiopian PM announces takeover of Tigray Capital by Government forces

Ethiopian Prime Minister says Federal Government took full control of the Tigray's capital Makelle; Courtesy Photo

Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy on Sunday said the federal government is now in full control of the city of Makelle.

“With full command of the regional capital, this marks the completion of of the ENDF’s last phase” Abiy said in a statement posted on his social media site.

“The Federal police will now continue their task of apprehending TPLF criminals and bring them to courts of law” he added.

According to the statement, the ENDF have managed to secure release of thousands of northern command officers who were held hostage by TPLF, secured all northern command camp, took control of airport, public institutions and critical administration facilities in the Tigray region.

On Sunday, Abiy announced the beggining of an offensive by federal army against the Tigray capital in a final phase of the unrest that started at the beginning of this month. Immediately, his announcement was followed by bombardment and heavy shelling which signified war on the defiant Tigray regional government.

“I would like to appreciate the support of the people Tigray who have understood the goodwill of the ENDF and duty to nation” he noted adding that the people have provided all support and cooperation to the military.

He said government has a critical task of rebuilding what has been destroyed, repairing what has been damaged, returning those who had fled with priority given to returning normalcy to the people of the Tigray region.



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