Schools, Places of Worship, Airports opened in Uganda


Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has further eased restrictions imposed by government due to COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda with a directive to re-open schools, places of worship and International Airport for tourists coming in and out of the country.

In his address to the nation on Sunday, Museveni ordered for re-opening of education institutions for candidate classes and finalists in Universities and tertiary institutions starting October 15th, 2020. He said government reached the decision considering the few numbers of finalists compared to the total enrolment in education institutions.

He said each group of finalists will have bigger space for social distancing and if the learners and teachers follow the Standard Operation Procedures forCOVID-19 prevention, all will be safe.

Museveni said government also considered the cost of continued closure of education institutions which he said will be high considering the fate of 2020 finalists being pushed into another 2021. He however said the solution for non-finalists will be sought next year.

On the fate of teachers in private schools, Museveni reiterated government’s effort to extend 20BN shillings grant towards the teacher’s SACCO but also stated that government will continue to find a strategy on how it can further provide support.

Museveni gave assurance that government is still committed to home-learning and the program to have all households in the country given radios to facilitate delivery of lessons to learners is on course. He said the funds to procure 3 million radio sets were secured.

Places of worship will open for prayers and fellowships limited to congregation not exceeding 70 people in order to ensure social distancing. Individual prayers and confessions are also allowed as long as they observe SOPs.

Sunday and Friday prayers are also expected not to exceed 70 congregants. Sunday school services for children however are prohibited.

Airport and land borders will be re-opened for tourists coming in and out of the country provided they test negative for COVID-19 and they do not mingle with civilian population. Business delegations from outside the country will also be handled in the same way.
Mass gatherings including political meetings remain prohibited.

Open air sports activities are allowed to open provided there are no spectators. Spectators can watch sports activities from television sets.

Night curfew will remain in place and boda boda’s will stop operations at 6;00PM.

Restrictions of movement imposed on border districts has also been lifted.

Sportsmen/players will undertake COVID-19 tests every after 14 days and they should not put on masks while participating in sports activities.

Indoor sports events including Gyms however remain prohibited on account of the easy spread of the virus in enclosed spaces.
Casino’s, gaming centers remain closed.

Bars shall remain closed because they operate in enclosed spaces and they are not known for sobriety since clients cannot observe SOPs.

Hotels will continue to operate under SOPs while restaurants are encouraged to emphasize take-away services.

Cattle markets and open markets remain prohibited.

Imbalu cultural celebrations which involve processions are prohibited.



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