Legendary Radio personality Fat Boy opens own Station


By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

Legendary Radio Personality Fat Boy AKA James Onen has been quiet since the end of his 21 year old era at Sanyu FM over abrupt salary cuts.

He has now moved on and has announced that he is starting his own radio station, interestingly named Reckless Radio. The radio is currently running a test stream online and will be available online via Play store and App Store.

Among his first recruits is the equally celebrated radio presenter Crystal Newman, who will be presenting a weekday late afternoon show.

Fat Boy, as you probably guessed, will be presenting the morning show. Like you may also have predicted, he will be doing the show with a female co-presenter. This time round, it is Olive Monica Najjuma to face the wrath of his male domineering arguments.

It is quite a relief for his legion of fans who have been missing him. We were unable to find out whether he will be joined by several other Sanyu FM former presenters.

On his first day of testing, FatBoy received a good number of over 4000 listeners. Online radio is not widely adopted in Uganda and Fatboy believes he is here to set the trend high.

Well, Let the radio wars begin now.



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