2021 Candidates for all Political Offices to undergo COVID-19 screening -Museveni

President Museveni has directed for mass testing of all candidates vying for political offices; Courtesy Photo

The chairman of the ruling party (NRM) President Yoweri Museveni has directed the Ministry of Health to have all people contesting for political office tested for COVID-19.

The president’s directive was relayed by the NRM party leadership through their social media page on Saturday.

“Every political party and all people that have come out to contest for office under the party; everybody that will be going out to interact with voters in this campaign period , will have to get tested” NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba posted.

The news follows an incident over the weekend when two NRM secretariat staff tested positive for coronavirus throwing the leadership into panic and prompting suspension of party activities at the party head offices. Several others were sent into quarantine for isolation purposes.

The secretariat also undergone disinfection as well as management heightening alertness on preventive measures at the offices.

When contacted for comment, Ministry of Health spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyona said he was not aware of the development saying he needs to contact minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng to confirm.

The directive comes at a time after Uganda registered it’s 3rd cases of death due to covid-19 following the first report of death on July 23rd. Three days after, another case of coronavirus death was registered in the country that had managed the pandemic for 4 months without a single death.

Currently, there are massive political activities going on across the country in preparation for the 2021 general elections in which all citizens will participate in electing the leadership that will steer the country for the next five years.

The activities include political party registration and nomination of candidates to participate in the elections.

So far, Uganda has registered 1,154 positive coronavirus cases and 1,028 recoveries.



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