Rwanda Army confirms an attack from Burundi; 4 shot Dead, scores injured

Repulsed an attack: Rwandan soldier operating the Chinese howitzer during a recent test exercise. Photo: Rwanda Defence Force

The Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) on Saturday morning reported that it repulsed an attack from an armed group in Nyaruguru District in southern Rwanda near the border with Burundi.

According to the RDF Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Innocent Munyengango, 4 of the attackers were killed on the spot while the rest fled back to Burundi leaving behind various military equipment.

According to a statement posted on social media, the attack happened at about 0200HRS on RDF defensive position at Yanze IDP Model Village located in Ruheru sector, Nyaruguru District.

Lt. Col. Munyengango said the Rwandese army is currently pursuing the attackers. 3 of the Rwandan soldiers were injured in the attack- the spokesperson said.

“The gunmen attacked from Burundi and they fled back in the same direction leaving behind four of their dead and various military equipment including weapons and communication radios. Three of the soldiers sustained minor injuries. The attacking force originated and retreated in Burundi Defense position at Gahisi in Bukinanyana Commune, Kibitoke Province” the statement reads in part.

“We assure Rwandans that action will be taken against those responsible” the statement adds.

Munyengango adds that the attackers’ intention was to harm people inside Yanze IDP Model Village which is protected by the attached RDF position and located just one Kilometre from the border.

The attack highlights continuing tensions between Rwanda and neighboring Burundi and Congo with Rwanda accusing the other two for habouring dissidents who want to topple the administration in Kigali.



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