UGANDA: Museveni clarifies on easing lockdown; Key points

President Museveni; File Photo

President Museveni has made several clarifications in regard to the address he made last evening on plans to ease the nationwide partial lockdown in Uganda.

Shops and hotels will open in one weeks time starting 26th May, 2020 but Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) will be adhered to. The authorities will use the time up to 26th May, to prepare properly and ensure that masks are available.

People who can get masks on their own can do it but the health experts will guide on those with right quality. The masks should be worn all the time if one is in public.

Public transport will resume operations in 2 weeks starting 4th June, 2020 but they must carry half of the prescribed passenger limit to ensure social distancing during movement. During the period up to 4th June, Ministers of Health and Transport will discuss to ensure everything is in order.

Public transport in border districts will not operate in border districts until 21 days have elapsed.
Private vehicles will allowed to move on 26th May, 2020 but with masks and only 3 passengers including the driver are allowed.

Motorcycles also known as Boda boda’s and the tuk-tuk will be allowed to operate carrying cargo but should not carry passengers.

Museveni also said use of bicycles have been recommended as the best means owing to the health benefits associated with cycling.

Schools and other public places remain closed until 21 days elapse but candidate classes (P7, S.4, S. 6, Under-graduate finalists, Post-graduate finalists) will open in 2 weeks time. On 4th June –one week from today, the Ministry of education should finalize plans for commencement of business.

Students in candidate classes in border districts will walk to their schools. Those travelling to areas outside their districts, the ministry should arrange plans to have them transported to their schools.

Gyms, Saunas, Salons, nightclubs and non-food markets remain closed until after 21 days elapse.
Museveni said the essence is to enforce social distancing which is not possible in places like gyms, saunas, salons.



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