Dr. Besigye joins frontline against COVID-19 in Uganda

Dr. Kizza Besigye with locals in Kabale; Online Photo

President of the People’s Government Dr. Kiiza Besigye has also thrown his weight behind the fight against coronavirus in Uganda.

According to a message Dr. Besigye posted on social media, the People’s Govt has trained a response team that will provide emergency services to hospitals within Kampala Metropolitan area.

“From tomorrow, Monday, 30th March, the People’s Govt will provide emergency services (to hospitals) for people in need within Kampala Metropolitan area.” Besigye posted.

The services include an emergency response to help people with COVID-19 symptoms get in touch with MOH teams for immediate evacuation.

People’s Government Emergency response team at Katonga Road PG Hqs.

The People’s Government emergency response team which is expected to start operations on Monday, is also equipped with a fleet of vehicles and drivers to transport expectant mothers, sick children and PWD’s to hospitals for treatment.

Kiiza Besigye, a trained medical doctor was recently quoted to have said he was willing to put on the white gown again, and enter a hospital ward if the coronavirus situation demands so.

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