BREAKING: I expect discipline -Kagame closes Churches, Schools over coronavirus

Demanding clarity from UK on travel ban; President Paul Kagame; File

The government of Rwanda has directed that places of worship, schools and institutions of higher learning must close with immediate effect as a measure to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 coronavirus transmission.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Health on Saturday, large gatherings, sporting events and burial ceremonies have been restricted. Prayers will be conducted from home, and unnecessary movement of people must be avoided.

The new development takes effect from Sunday, a day after the country registered its first coronavirus case, when an Indian citizen who arrived in the country a few days ago tested positive for coronavirus.

However, the statement indicates that the directive shall be observed for an initial period of two weeks, in order to further strengthen the country’s ability to mitigate the coronavirus threat.

In his message to Rwandans, President Paul Kagame said he expects solidarity and discipline the people of Rwanda have always demonstrated will help them overcome the CODIV-19 threat.

Kagame says Rwandans have always overcome difficult times, and the CODIV-19 threat will also be one of them.

Kagame said the current situation will require the discipline Rwandans have always shown in confronting challenges and getting good results.

He said in such situations, focus and simple but effective measures are key in staying safe.

In order to overcome CODIV-19, Kagame advised Rwandans to avoid handshakes, practicing social distancing, and to follow guidelines issued by government.

Rwandese people are known for adherence to a strict discipline Kagame’s iron-whip governance strategy has enforced during his 26-year reign.  



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