UPDF to recruit 4000 more soldiers

UPDF soldiers demonstrating physical fitness; More 4000 will be recruited soon; Eagleonline photo

The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) will undertake a recruitment exercise early next year, in which 4,000 able-bodied willing Ugandans are expected to join both regular, professional and specialized units of the army.

According to the Spokesperson of the UPDF Brig. Richard Karemire, the exercise is meant to fill gaps created by retirements, and also intended to tap skills of personnel with competences in science subjects required in a modern army.

The recruiting exercise is expected to start on 27th December 2019, and close on 5th January 2020 with an aim of attracting very composed and patriotic Ugandans ready to serve in the army.

Brig. Karemire says the gaps that has been created casualties suffered on the frontline, and losses due to natural causes, has always triggered the need for the force to replenish its numbers through such recruitment exercises.

Interested persons must be citizens of Uganda holding original national identity cards, in good health, and medically fit ready to undergo check-ups.

The candidates need to have no children to avoid distractions, and should be between the age of 18-25 or 18-30 in order to enlist as regular, or professional respectively. Regular recruits joining the army must possess a minimum education of seniour four or seniour six majoring in science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Professionals however must be holders of Degree/ Diplomas in Medicine, Engineering, Chemistry, Education or possess qualifications in vocational skills. They also must be of good character with supported by letters from LCs and GISOs.

Karemire said, leadership teams have been set up across the country to ensure that the exercise achieves its objectives, and districts are encouraged to meet their quotas allocated as per the results of the population census which will be communicated by the team leaders.



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