Police Release Ziggy Wyne Footage

The late Micheal Alinda aka Ziggy Wyne

The Uganda Police Force has released footage obtained from security cameras that captured moments under which the late Micheal Alinda aka Ziggy Wyne was transported from the scene of accident to Mulago National Referral Hospital.

According to the police spokesperson Fred Enanga, Ziggy Wyne was brought to hospital by two helpers/good Samaritans as captured on two security cameras that were relevant and were able to record time and details.

Enanga said, the first footage was captured by fixed cameras along Mulago market road on 21/07/2019, around 8:11pm, and another one at Mulago casualty ward that showed two people who brought Ziggy Wyne to Hospital.

He however identifies the people in the footage as Turyamureba Amos -a motorcycle rider, and Kimbowa David -a staff at Hope Clinic where Wyne was transferred for first Aid after the accident which resulted into his death.

According to a police report released after his death, Micleal Alinda was involved in a road accident along Kyebando round about on Northern Bypass. Ziggy Wines’s friends have since rejected the police report and demanded for release of the footage as captured by CCTV cameras to identify people who transferred their friend to hospital.

Police evidence from the security camera footage therefore quashes all claims by people power enthusiasts that Wyne could have been dropped at the hospital by his tormentors, and disputes earlier claims that he was tortured and dumped at the hospital.



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