Anite’s tribesmen in Mass Prayers as Minister Vows to Die Fighting the Mafia

Minister Anite speaking during Prayers at Boma Grounds

Hundred of people including religious and political leaders from West Nile gathered at the Boma grounds, Koboko District on Friday to pray for the Investment’s minister Hon. Evelyn Anite so that God saves his life.

This follows a bitter rivalry that has been brewing for months between Minister Anite and key officials in government over the fate of Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) that culminated into the former openly alleging that her rivals want to take her life.

“As a kakwa, I can not sit down and see the corrupt robbing our country. I will fight to my last breathe. I will not loose the UTL fight.” Anite said after the prayers.

Hon. Anite warned corrupt government officials that have “held the country at ransom” that their time is up.

The prayers were led by Religious leaders from West Nile including the Bishop of Madi West Nile Diocese Rev. Charles Collins Andaku, Sheikh Abujafar Shaban from District Kadhi Office, Rev Atiko R Daniel of the Baptist Church and many others.

Religious leaders prayed to God for Anite’s protection and direction in execution of her duties.

Quoting from the bible, Anite said the devil came not but to steal, to kill, and to destroy which she said is exactly the “mafia” are doing to the country.

Sheikh Abujafar committed Anite to Allah for special intervention as the region is still bleeding from the gruesome death of Col. Ibrahim Abiriga who was killed in 2018.

“we will not take the threats against our daughter lightly” he said.

The development also comes after different groups of people that share ethnicity with the minister came out to stand in solidarity with Hon. Anite claiming that their “daughter” is fighting for a noble cause, and only witch-hunted for no reason.

Minister Anite praised President Museveni for the goodwill he has for this country, and said his patience on dealing with the corrupt is what makes people think he doesn’t care.

On Tuesday, a group of legislators from West Nile -a region where Minister Anite hails from, organized a press conference in parliament and expressed solidarity to Anite saying that she is a victim of witch hunt. The legislators warned that if anything sinister befalls her life, they will rally their people to secede and join DRC.

On Wednesday, another group of Anite’s tribesmen protested in the City Centre warning that they will not let their “daughter” be killed the way other government officials have died.



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