Public Warned Against Fake Gold Dealers

Exhibits of fake gold

Uganda Police Force has issued a warning to the public about fake gold scams involving constars who have duped and left many people counting losses.

In a statement issued yesterday, the police force confirmed that farudsters disgiusing as gold dealers are still at large.

The case of a victim holding an italian passport who recently flew into the country and faked his kidnap has further confirmed that the trade in gold has been invaded by farudsters.

We would like to appeal to all prospective buyers in the gold industry, to purchase gold from authorized dealers with valid trading lincenses to conduct business. the statement read in part.

Prospective buyers have been also advised to seek guidance from the ministry of trade, the department of Mines and Geological Surveys, The Uganda Investiment Aithority and Police Minerals Enforcement Unit, before transacting in any minerals.



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