Mpuuga Vows to Crush Rogue elements within NUP who tarnish the opposition party


Opposition National Unity Platform Deputy President Hon. Mathias Mpuuga has lashed out at rogue elements within NUP who have made it a habit to abuse everyone at the expense of the party, vowing to take them on.

Mpuuga, who is also the Leader of Opposition in parliament (LOP) said he cannot sit and watch as bad elements especially from Buganda region who claim to be NUP supporters, continue to tarnish the opposition party for their selfish gains.

“You cannot put on a People Power beret and start abusing everyone including the Kabaka, and you expect me to keep quite! As a Deputy President of NUP, I will not tolerate that” Mpuuga stated in a video posted on his socials.

“How can you put on a red beret and abuse the Katikkiro of Buganda or the Nabagereka? Am I a fool not to understand that you are moles hiding behind NUP? Don’t I know what is going on?” Mpuuga fumed.

A tough-talking Mpuuga said these rogue elements have lately taken it upon themselves to criticize the Buganda administration on matters relating to the Kabaka’s health as if they are in charge of his welfare. “Are you his relative, his mother or a clan leader in Buganda Kingdom?”

Most of the individuals Mpuuga refers to and vowed to take on are bloggers who use social media platforms to abuse their victims.

With its strongholds in Buganda region, the largest opposition political party has been a legitimate target for the ruling NRM but has also branded itself as a radical group whose supporters do not spare anyone including president Yoweri Museveni, the Kabaka Ronald Muenda Mutebi ii, and the Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga.

A former minister for Buganda Kingdom, Mpuuga alluded to the fact that since the ruling party NRM lost support in Buganda Region, there has been an effort to infiltrate NUP and alienate it from Buganda Kingdom where it enjoys huge support.

He said the Buganda Kingdom is not competing with NUP and therefore the rogue elements cannot be NUP supporters who want to put the two sides on a collision course.

Mpuuga said such characters are not genuine NUP supporters nor Kingdom loyalists but masqueraders whose motive is to create a wedge between Mengo and NUP for their personal interest.

However, the LOPs message comes amid criticism within NUP circles that the Masaka Municipality legislator’s loyalty to NUP and it’s President Robert Kyagulanyi had been compromised by powerful ruling party agents in parliament.

He said such people should not expect him to shield or defend them because if he did, he would have betrayed his office responsibility which he is not ready to do.



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