IGG Beti Kamya roots for patriotism classes for all Ugandans


The Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Kamya Turwomwe has lashed out at critics of government plan to teach patriotism saying there is nothing wrong with citizens being taught to love their country.

Kamya contends that patriotism like love or respect to leaders should be taught.

“I hear Ugandans asking sarcastically why patriotism should be taught – because according to them patriotism should come naturally but we are taught to love God our CREATOR, to love our neighbours, wives are taught to love their husbands and vice versa, in Buganda we are taught to love the Kabaka, even parents are taught to love their children.” Beti Kamya posted in a message on Twitter.

Kamya noted that Africans used to love, respect and revere Europeans but they had to be taught to do the same for fellow African leaders.

In 2009, President Yoweri Museveni launched a new National Strategic program to inculcate the norms and values of patriotism in all students in secondary schools and the youth of Uganda subsquently known as the National Patriotic Program.

Since then, a component of the budget is allocated to fund promotion of patriotism and a National secretariat in the office of the ptesident oversees the projects.

“…Let’s teach Ugandans to love Uganda because it’s all we have.” She added.

“Ugandans love European football -someone ought to teach them to love Ugandan football. Teaching is empowering a person with knowledge, reason, logic & practice.” Kamya urgued.



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