Cops foil attack on Nakulabye Police Station, assailant abandon an AK47 riffle

An unknown attacker abandoned an AK47 riffle as police repulsed an attack on Nakulabye Police Station; Courtesy Photo

A team of officers at Nakulabye Police station has foiled an attempt to attack their Police station by un identified persons .

According to the Deputy Police Spokesperson KMP ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, the incident happened today Wednesday at about 4AM.

It is alleged that one of the police officers (names withheld) was on duty as a station guard when he spotted an unidentified armed person approaching the station from the western direction.

The officer immediately opened fire directing bullets towards the alleged attacker forcing him to flee, abandoning an AK47 Magazine with 5 rounds of ammunition.

“A team of investigators with the help of canines followed the direction the attacker took but unfortunately, they could not successfully trace them.” Owoyesigyire stated.

The attack joins a long list of similar attacks by unknown individuals on police stations and army installations. The most recent is an armed attack last week on the check point that leads to Gadaffi Army barracks in Jinja which left one UPDF soldier dead.

He says investigations into the matter have commenced aided by CCTV cameras to try to identify the attacker and their movements.



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