Entebbe Airport continues to register a steady flow in Passenger traffic


Entebbe International Airport continued to register a steady flow of passenger traffic throughout the month of September as business at the facility shows remarkable recovery from effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the Public Relations officer for Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Vianney Luggya, Entebbe Airport facilitated 63,997 arrivals and 80,112 departures and total of 144,089 international passengers in September 2022, which is an average of 4,802 passengers per day.

Available data shows that the international passenger average at Entebbe Airport was 5,034 per day in August, 4,892 in July, 4,508 in June, 4,018 in May and 3,670 per day in April reflecting a steady increase in traffic. Besides regular traffic, there were several departing and returning pilgrims facilitated in July and August, among others.

In relation to cargo, imports were 1,620 metric tones and exports were 3,211 metric tones in Sept 2022.

The Sept 2022 traffic figures are also in tandem with the travel trends for previous years, which have seen slightly more passengers recorded in July and August. The figures usually peak again with heightened tourists movements during the winter, especially from November to Feb.

Luggya attributes the steady flow of traffic through Entebbe Airport to a number of factors including widespread vaccination across the globe which has led to relaxation of some priviously stringent travel requirements.



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