Soroti Byelection: FDC candidate Attan Moses Claims he was Poisoned


Just a day to the elections, the FDC candidate in the race for Soroti East Byelections Hon. Attan Moses claims he survived a poison attack yesterday which forced him to withraw from campaigns to first save his life.

In a post shared on his personal Facebook page (accompanied with a photograph) Attan also says he underwent local anti-poison procedures to detoxify his body and experienced serious consequences including a running stomach plus vomiting, before he sought medical attention -all courtesy of his unnamed “enemies.”

One senior leader in the FDC camp who declined to be quotted could not confirm nor dispel the claims of poisoning saying he had not personally talked to Attan. He however affirmed knowledge of these reports but claims his efforts to reach Attan for a comment on the matter have been futile.

Attan is in the race alongside NRM’s Edmund Ariko and UPC’s Pascal Amuriat.

This is Hon. Attan’s Facebook post on his wall:

Verbertim: I was poisoned yesterday. You may have realised I left the rally before it ended.

I was given the local antipoison and my night was tough – vomiting and diarrhoea.

By 3:30am, I was too weak and had to be moved to a clinic where iwas managed and after one and a half hour I was moved out of Soroti to a private facility for further management to avoid our enemies to access me.

I give glory to God,that I am alive and getting stronger. Thank you so much,most especially those on the ground doing everything possible to protect our victory that shall be declared tomorrow after 4pm.

Our enemies have gotten desparate and restless, however they have no choice but to accept the will of the people and God.

I am returning to the constituency today after further check ups, examinations and treatment.
I will be fighting to the end! With God on our side🙏🙏
Isaiah 45:2



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