Protests erupt in Sudan over hike in cost of Bread and other essential commodities

Protests erupted in Sudan on Monday as people demonstrate against the cost of Bread, fuel and other commodities; Courtesy Photo

The security forces in Sudan fired tear gas and live bullets at protestors as people demonstrated against sharp rises in the cost of bread, fuel and other essential commodities.

Media reported marches across the country. Demonstrators said live bullets were used against them in the south-eastern city of Damazin.

On Sunday, the price of bread increased by more than 40%. The cost of fuel is also soaring.

There have been ongoing protests in Sudan as people call for return of civilian rule and an end to military administration but the rise in essential commodities has exacerbated the situation.

The United Nations says a third of Sudan’s population is already reliant on aid. The situation has deteriorated since last year’s coup which led to the suspension of crucial donor funds.

With global shortage in wheat expected from Russia’s war in Ukraine experts say more protests should be expected in several countries.

Meanwhile Egypt has bought about 126,000 tons of wheat from Russia and Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict between the two countries.

The shipments, comprising about 63,000 tons from each side, are expected to arrive at Egyptian ports in the coming days, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade said.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s spokesman said the move is part of “a review of the executive position on a number of national projects in the food security and agriculture sector,”

Egypt’s Minister of Supply Ali Al-Moselhi said the government aimed to purchase more than 6 million tons of local wheat during the current harvest season, which begins in mid-April.

Egypt is the world’s largest importer of wheat and buys most of what it needs from Russia and Ukraine.



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