Islamic State claim responsibility for Kampala Bomb attacks

IS claims responsibility for two bomb blasts rocked Kampala city on Tuesday; Courtesy Photo

The Islamic State -a global terrorist group, claimed responsibility for the twin suicide bombing on Tuesday in the Ugandan capital Kampala that killed three people and left several dozen wounded.

IS made the claim in a statement on its Telegram channels following two suicide bomb attacks with one attack targeting the central police station and another aimed at parliament.

Police say they foiled a third attack and recovered an improvised explosive device from the home of an alleged suicide bomber who was arrested in pursuit of other members of the group.

“Uganda is one of the nations participating in the war against IS in Central Africa,” the IS message read.

In a statement after the attacks, Ugandan police however blamed a “domestic terror group” linked to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an armed rebel force active in neighboring eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

In April 2019, IS began to claim some ADF attacks on social media, presenting the group as its regional branch -the Islamic State Central Africa Province, or ISCAP.

In March this year the United States officially linked the ADF to IS.

Tuesdays attacks follow two blasts last month one on a bus explosion near Kampala which wounded many people and another one at a pork joint in the capital and in which one woman was killed.

Police said both of those explosions were carried out by the ADF.

Uganda has also blamed the group for a foiled bomb attack in August on the funeral of Maj Gen Paul Lokech who led a major offensive against Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia.

The ADF, historically a Ugandan rebel group, has been accused of killing thousands of civilians in eastern DRC. It is also considered to be the most deadliest of several other armed groups that roam eastern DRC.



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