Bobi Wine is seriously plotting to overthrow NRM Gov’t before 2026 -Police


Uganda Police have stated that they have information that the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) is seriously planning to cause an uprising that could result into the fall of President Museveni’s government before the 2026 general elections.

In a statement issued on Monday, police also pins NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi as the achitect of this sinister plan which they say they anticipated earlier and are ready to stop.

Citing the foiled public engagements by Kyagulanyi in Mbale and Lira Districts over the weekend, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said these were part of the grand plan by NUP which police hinted on last week and nipped in the bud.

“Like we had anticipated plans by individuals and groups to hold illegal processions and unlawful assemblies. During the previous week, the police countered unlawful processions in Mbale and Lira districts, respectively.” Enanga said.

“We are aware of plans by opposition NUP which are still in early stages, but with a potential of being escalated into an insurrection, before the 2026 elections… The NUP President, was scheduled to appear on a radio talk show in Lira, but was blocked and escorted out of the district, for holding an illegal procession which disrupted movements and businesses in the area.” Enanga said.

“Our very credible intelligence sources, indicate how they want to capitalize on any injuries, arrests and fatalities and use such incidents to amplify their perceptions to the public, by branding the police as high handed, aggressive and brutal.” he added.

Police says Kyagulanyi’s foiled engagements with the public lacked due clearance from authorities and the organizers were and are planning to use masses as human sheilds to cause chaos, something they won’t allow to happen.

According to Enanga, NUP did not obtain any police clearance, but went on and mobilized protesters and rioters as human shields. “Other provocative tactics include halting public transport, blocking roads, disrupting business and movements in the major towns and cities.”

Last week, police acting on intelligence information, announced how NUP and “other political actors” were planning violent riots and demonstrations but also said they were not taking chances after threat of a possible change of government before 2026 as stated by Dr Kiiza Besigye and Hon Francis Zaake.

Police claimed they could not take chances especially after dismantling a NUP cell in Kasese district where 4 people -Bwambale Geofrey, Isande Atonozio, Basisa Brian and Mumbere Isaac were arrested and charged to court, on conspiracy to commit a felony of treason. The suspects had allegedly started mobilizing people from Ntoroko, Bundibugyo, Hoima and Fort portal, for massive riots, burning of key government installations, blockage of Mpondwe boarder point, among others, during the months of November and December, 2021.

In the previous statement, police noted how the Political Crimes Department had opened case files against Hon. Francis Zaake and Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, for making inappropriate statements about using all possible means to cause change to a democratically elected government, before 2026.

This is not the first time Police is accusing opposition political actors for planning to cause change of government through ilegal means, an accusation NUP has consistently denied saying their quest to get into power is Constitutional.

“We want to assure the public that we are better organized this time round, with sufficient manpower and logistical requirements allows us to impose conditions on public meetings, assemblies and processions, if we believe there is a serious risk of public disorder, serious damage to property and serious disruption of people’s lives. In addition, under the Public Health Orders, all public gatherings are banned under the current regulations to protect public health. Our enforcement actions were necessary and lawful in all aspects.” Police noted in the latest statement.



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