Don’t waste our time debating Salary enhancement for Science teachers -Museveni warns critics


Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has told critics not to waste time debating which category of teachers should get a salary increament, for he is not ready to be obstructed from paying scientists well.

Museveni also told arts-subject teachers to also know that he is a person of literature and history, but the one leading the crusade of having science-oriented education because “that is what life hinges on for the last 4.5million years.”

“We should not debate this; arts have a role but for a society to survive, it must not lag behind in science and technology. Do not waste our time with off-the point arguments. I can quote for you Shakespare or Julius Ceasar, what will it help in curing Covid-19?” Museveni said in a tweet posted today.

The president reiterated his resolute stance on plans to improve renumetation of science subject teachers in favor of arts subject teachers, which he he says will ensure Uganda’s technological advancement to meet most of the country’s growth challenges.

The debate on which category of teachers should be prioritized was reignited during Teacher’s Day celebrations, on Tuesday, when the leadership of the teacher’s union in Uganda (UNATU) raised objection against Museveni’s stance saying it is divisive. At the event, UNATU Secretary General, Mr Filbert Baguma said, the welfare of teachers should be equitably considered because both live in the same invironment and face simillar challenges.

Mr Baguma told President Museveni who was the Chief guest at the event that government has handled matters concerning teachers haphazardly and without genuineness, and noted that favoring one category of teachers is discriminative and with far-reaching consequences.

President Museveni responded in a tough tone emphasizing need to prioritize science teachers especially now when government is operating within a constrained budget. He said that the government will not backtrack on the decision. Museveni said that the government was focused on developing Uganda using a science-led development strategy.

“Therefore, no one should obstruct our strategy of paying scientists well because we need them most. We want to increase the salary of everyone but of we don’t have enough money why not start with those that are most needed -the scientists?” Museveni posted on Twitter on Wednesday.

“All teachers should know this, I am a person of literature and history and I am the one leading the crusade of having science oriented education because that is what life really hinges on in the last 4.5million years.” The president stated.



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