NBS hits back at Bobi Wine; Your Claims are Baseless

NBS disputes Kyagulanyi's claims of biased reporting; Next Media Photo

The management of NBS TV has disputed claims by Robert Kyagulanyi that their broadcast and reporting on presidential elections was full of bias and in favor of the ruling National Resistance Movement candidate Yoweri Museveni.

In a January 27 protest note, the National Unity Platform president and former presidential candidate claimed that the broadcast by NBS TV on and in the aftermath of 14th January 2020 presidential elections were biased in favor of the incumbent President Museveni.

In the letter to the Next Media Chief Executive Kin Karisa, Kyagulanyi alleges that during live coverage of elections, NBS attributed to him false results whose source remains unknown. He also claims that throughout the broadcast, NBS relayed altered results from presumed Museveni’s strongholds hence creating a false impression that he was losing.

In a statement released on Monday, the head of Public Relations Next Media Ms Desire Derekford Mugumisa dispelled Kyagulanyi’s allegations as baseless and unfounded.

“Via social media, our attention was drawn to a letter addressed to us dated 27th January 2021, from Hon Robert Kyagulanyi alleging conspiracy and bias in the 2021 election reporting on our part. These allegations are baseless and unfounded” the statement reads in part.

Ms Mugumisa said Next Media has consistently provided equal opportunity to all political players irrespective of their political affiliations and that is why they have continuously received similar sentiments from government, opposition and the general public alike.

In his letter, Kyagulanyi alleges that NBS lied to the nation that the results were being relayed from districts when actually tallying had not been completed. He says by creating an impression that Museveni was in an early lead, “put down the spirits of the citizens who braved the sun and rain to vote for change.”

He said NBS has a greater purpose to always serve the country first with objectivity and uphold professionalism through fair and balanced coverage, and commits to avail its platforms to all stakeholders in order to provide bold, balanced and relevant reporting.




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