Coping with Post-election Stress; These tips will immensely Help you

Election period can be stressful and trigger anxiety; Courtesy Photo

Following one of the most contentious elections in our political history, it’s understandable for both candidates and supporters to feel anxiety. The news, social media, and even casual conversations have been rife with frustration, surprise and limited joy associated with the 14th January elections.

With much up in the air, we’ve put together a few helpful tips for winners and losers to cope with election stress.

1. Limit news intake:

It’s good to be informed and to keep up with the politics, but not everything is right for you now. Taking a few breaks and distancing yourself will not only clear your mind, but help you take in more when you are ready to listen. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a step back from screen time. Read a book, take a walk, or find some time without media. Remember, taking time for yourself is not selfish.

2. Connect with nature and exercise:

Take a trip to the countryside. Visit your farm and associate with livestock. Commit more time to the gym and shed off the stress of politics. Exercise is the best antidote to stress. Use your body more, and your brain less. Your mind has been focused on elections almost all day, so “log out temporarily” Some fresh air is an excellent way to change up your day and hit refresh.

3. Spend time with loved ones:

How long has it been since you last dined with family? Safely spending most of the time with your family will also help you recognize that your stress isn’t uncommon. You and plenty of others have been keeping up with the politics —there’s no shame in a break.

4. Do things you enjoy:

Find time for the things you love but missed due to politics. The election season has been like no other; so any comfort from routine is worth the while. We’ve got a lot of sporting events around; The football leagues are still on. Listen to your favorite music.

5. Be aware of your social media use:

We’re all for engaging in some political discussion and keeping up with the latest updates from your allies and elsewhere. But just like the news, social media will always be there— don’t be afraid to check out for a bit, but limit the interactions. Tune out the nonstop chatter on Twitter and your friends’ Instagram stories. Stepping away and focusing on your own environment will help you feel settled and more comfortable.

6. Focus on the future and let go of things that can’t control:

Your won or lost; whichever way it went, there is a whole life ahead. You won’t be able to change the result and the way you participated. Plan early for the next election. Evaluate your strength and weaknesses and be ready to work on both. Knowing where your control begins and ends will help mitigate anxiety.



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