Homosexual talk is Nonsense -Bobi Wine hits back at Critics

NUP presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine; Courtesy Photo

National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi has hit back at critics who link his presidential bid to foreigners, saying the talk is diversional and utter nonsense.

During an interview with NBSTV on morning show Morning Breeze, Kyagulanyi’s tone changed when the host, Simon Kaggwa Njala asked him about his linkage to homosexuals.

A visibly infuriated Kyagulanyi said it is disrespectful for one to ask him about his sexual orientation when he is well known to be a married man who is married to a woman.

“That is nonsense. If feel insulted to be drawn into sexual talk when we have a few hours to an election… You know I am a married man. You know I am a cultural man. I find that diversionally” Kyagulanyi said.

Bobi Wine as he is commonly known, accused the host, Njala, for “misusing his last minutes of the campaign” in sexual talk when he should be discussing “serious matters.”

Critics of the pop star-turned-politician have on several occasions linked his bid for presidency to homosexual groups in the western world with claims that his campaign funding is from LGBT groups.

“We should be using these last minutes to talk about how best NUP is intending to peacefully and constitutionally liberate Ugandans and you are driving us into sexual talk” He said.

Bobi also accused the incumbent president Museveni for driving a smear campaign against NUP having “failed to convince Ugandans to vote him again.”
Njala had asked the question relating to allegations by President Museveni claiming that Bobi Wine is being fronted for presidency by foreign powers who want to impose their interests on Ugandans.

He said his campaigns are funded by Ugandans not foreigners as alleged by president Museveni.

“Gen Museveni has always tried to paint us with any negativity; with violence, with whatever. He cannot convince people anymore. He has nothing to tell Ugandans” He added.

“I telling Ugandans which they already know; we want bring back the rule of law and respect for the right of citizens. We want to end arbitrary arrests. You are not talking about them, and you are asking me about homosexuals” he added.

Bobi Wine cautioned Kaggwa Njala to avoid “slipping into a category of journalists who are being used “to divert Ugandans from real issues.”

“Come on Simon. Don’t be one of journalists that are being used to divert the pain of Ugandans by bringing around nonsense other than than talking about sense and talking the pain of citizens” He stated.



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