My family was not Safe: Bobi Speaks out on why his family left for US

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi; Online Photo

National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi has said his family had to be relocated to avoid “immediate danger” following “information” that they were no longer safe in Uganda.

Last evening, news indicated that Kyagulanyi’s children departed through Entebbe International Airport just days to the presidential elections due next week. It is alleged that Bobi Wine’s family is headed to Houston Texas and Fort Bliss, Texas-US Army Garrison where they will be staying with one of Barbie’s sisters who is in the army in Texas.

“When I received information about pending physical attacks on me, my wife, and the kidnap of our children, friends in the diaspora reached out to us, offered to host them for a while” Kyagulanyi said during an interview with NBS TV on Thursday.

Kyagulanyi claims that his children have lived in constant fear over the past three years and on several occasions they are trailed by unknown cars to and from school.

“Last year, there was a direct attack on a car transporting two of them from school, forcing us to change their schools and strengthen their security” Kyagulanyi stated.

Reacting to the social media craze the story has generated, the pop singer-turned politician blamed regime propagandists who he says should be very ashamed.

“Nobody should live in fear in a free and democratic country simply because they oppose the government in power.”

“That does not mean that my wife or I are any safer by remaining around. But our effort is to ensure they don’t kidnap one of these minors and try to use them to coerce us into subjugation!” He added.

“The nation is aware of the challenges my family has endured from the time I decided to take on the dictatorship of Gen. Yoweri Museveni” Kyagulanyi said.




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