Student enrolment in Government-aided schools increased in 2019 -Report


The education and sports sector budget release for the FY 2019/20 performed well at a whooping 99.07% with Ushs. 3,052.59bn released out of the total sector approved budget of Ushs. 3,081.35bn, according to the sector performance report released today.

As one of the outcomes, the Permanent Secretary for the education ministry, Mr Alex Kakooza noted that there was a 45% increase in total enrolment from 1,370,583 (716,118 boys; 654,465 girls) in the financial year 2017/18 to 1,991,915 (1,004,524 boys; 987,391 girls) in FY 2019/20.

Speaking at the event held in Kampala on Wednesday, Mr Alex Kakooza said the increase in total enrolment is attributed to the increase in number of schools that were grant aided.

The education sub sector also realized 83% transition rates from Primary to secondary education, 100% Net enrolment rates at primary level according to Mr Kakooza.

In the year under review, government of Uganda paid capitation Grants amounting to Ushs.130.742bn for 703,442 USE and 56,383 UPOLET students in 1,906 USE/UPOLET schools as compared to Ushs137.430bn/= paid for 920,971 USE and 69,667 UPOLET students in FY 2018/19.

Under support to the Implementation of Skilling Uganda Strategy, the sub sector completed construction of facilities at all the institutions; UTC Kyema (Masindi), Kasese Youth Polytechnic (Kasese) and St. Josephs Virika VTI (Fort portal).

Kakooza said government of Uganda paid Ushs 28,7bn capitation grants to 23,290 students in 169 BTVET institutions and also paid Ushs 3.9 bn to facilitate three-months trainings of 9,113 beneficiaries from 303 training institutions in a bid to support non-formal BTVET programs.

Kakooza said the Ministry made progress in development of major policies to guide the Country particularly in early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE), National Inclusive Education and National school Health.



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