Cold War: I am here, Leave my Wife Alone -Gen Muhoozi dares Besigye

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Keinerugaba; File Photo

The first son, Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba has warned People’s Government President Dr. kiiza Besigye to stop “attacking” his wife but instead confront him if he has an issue with their family.

Gen. Muhoozi who is also President Museveni’s son also reminded Dr. Besigye that he still respects him and in case he has an issue, he is ready to sort it with him but leave his wife alone.

The “war” between the two was triggered by a message Dr Besigye posted on social media implicating Gen Muhoozi’s wife Charlotte Keinerugaba in a bloated procurement deal involving installation of oxygen plants at key hospitals in the country. Besigye accuses Muhoozi’s wife of being a beneficiary of what he referred to as COVID Bonanza.

On December 3rd, Dr. Besigye posted a stinging message on Twitter implicating Gen. Muhoozi’s wife, and his sister-in-law Ishta Muganga; both daughters to foreign Affairs minister Sam Kuteesa, in a 6.4BN deal which Besigye claims was inappropriate. He claims the cost was inflated and possibly the contract awarded on basis of the beneficiaries being close to the authority.

According to an October report from the Ministry of Finance (which Besigye quoted in his post), M/s Silverback’s pharmacy purportedly owned by the duo, was contracted to supply and install oxygen plants for Mulago and Entebbe Hospitals at a cost of 6.4BN, which was far much higher than usual according to Besigye.

For instance, the same report noted that the same company in 2017, supplied and installed oxygen plants in 13 Regional Referral Hospitals at almost the same cost of 6BN, which forms basis of Besigye’s argument.

In the post, Besigye also claimed that while the contract was signed in May 2020 and 100 percent of the invoice value paid by 30th June, deliveries nd installations had not commenced by september2020. However, this claim was countered by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health Diana Atwine.

“COVID19 bonanza by Uganda’s NRM/M7 Junta “royals” is as brazen as it’s repugnant.
Among bonanza beneficiaries are Mrs Charlotte Keinerugaba (wife to Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba) & her sister Mrs Ishta Muganga; both, being the daughters of Hon Sam Kutesa, Minister of Foreign Affairs” Besigye posted on December 3.

Without disputing the facts Dr. Diana Atwine responded; “Mulago alone produces 3m litres of oxygen per day able to fill over 400 cylinders, each costing Ushs. 42,000= saving around UgShs 17m. The output from all the 7 plants is worth over Shs 10bn per year. Isn’t that a good health investment?”

In a message he today posted on Twitter, Gen Muhoozi dared Besigye to confront him but also reminded him that he was once a close family friend.

“Colonel Besigye, were you a “Royal” when you came with Mzee Museveni in 1985 to our home in Sweden? You are one of our elders, and we respect you as an elder. If you want to attack me, Im right here. Leavemy wife alone” Gen. Muhoozi said.

We are yet to see how Dr. Besigye responds to this warning but Dr Diana Atwine was not spared by Besigye’s barbs. Upon her response to Besigyes claims, she was stung with a claim that she could also have been appointed to her position just because of her close ties with the State House.

“Dr Diana Atwiine, the Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Health grew up in State House and was educated on State House Scholarship. Before becoming the Health PS, Dr Diana Atwiine was the Director of State House Medicine and Health Service Delivery Monitoring Unit!” Besigye posted on December 3.



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