Pastor Yiga is Dead

Pastor Yiga Augustine; File Photo

Pastor Augustine Yiga of the Revival Church in Kawaala, commonly known as “Abizaayo” is dead.

On Friday last week, media reported that the controversial pastor had passed on following liver complications at Nsambya hospital where he had been hospitalised since the beginning of the month.

However it turned out that Yiga had just been put on oxygen and not dead.

Sources at Nsambya hospital where he was hospitalized said Yiga was “clinically dead” which, according to internet sources, is a medical term for cessation of blood circulation and breathing.

Yiga’s death was confirmed in a social media message posted on ABSTV Uganda.

“We cannot believe that you are no longer with us. This is a tragedy for us, we will pray for you dear. Friend, mentor great pastor, rest in peace Pastor Yiga abizaayo Augustine” The message posted on Tuesday Morning reads in part.

Yiga is the proprietor of ABS TV.

The controversial pastor was early this year briefly detained for questioning the existence of Covid-19 but the exact cause of his death is yet to be confirmed.

Story will be updated..



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