Nigeria State Governor signs Law to Castrate child rapists

Nigerian Kaduna State endorse surgical castration as punishment for rape; File Photo

Nigeria governor of Kaduna State has signed law under which males convicted of raping children under 14 will be surgically castrated and hanged.

Under the same law, Kaduna State Penal Code (Amendment) 2020, women convicted of rape will have Fallopian tubes removed in a process called “Bilateral Salpingectomy.”

Governor Malam Nasir Ahamad el Rufai signed the law on 11th September 2020, and it came into operation immediately.

The amendment on Section 258(1) reads;

“Whoever commits rape of a child bellow the age of 14 (fourteen) years shall on conviction, be punished with Surgical Castration and Death.”

(2) “Whoever has sexual intercourse with a male child bellow the age of 14 (fourteen) years, shall be punished with Surgical Castration and Death.”

However, the law as amended slaps a life in prison sentence and castration by surgical operation for rape where the victim is above 14 years. It also provides that trial for the offense of rape involving a child bellow 14 years shall require a medical report.

Kaduna State Law (Amendment) signed by governor on 11th September 2020.


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