Museveni summons National COVID-19 Task-force as another lock-down looms

President Museveni to meet National Task-force on COVID-19 at State House on Wednesday; File

President Yoweri Museveni is set to meet the National COVID-19 Task-force tomorrow (Wednesday) to come up with an immediate response plan amidst rising cases of coronavirus infections in Uganda.

The new development was communicated to parliament by the Government Chief Whip, Hon Ruth Nankabirwa during the afternoon session today.

Parliament had tasked government to explain way forward on re-opening of sectors in the country which were initially closed and still under lockdown including markets, houses of worship, businesses in border districts and the slow distribution of face masks amid rising coronavirus infections.

Nankabirwa said the outcome of the meeting between members of the National COVID-19 Task-force and the president, will inform the decision on what lies ahead for Ugandans as the country grapples with a spike in coronavirus infections.

The outcome of the meeting will also determine whether the country is headed for another lock-down as has been envisaged. Nankabirwa however said Kampala City which is the hotspot for recent covid-19 infections may face tougher restrictions.

She said, it is unfortunate that Ugandans have gave up on prevention measures against the spread of coronavirus at a critical time when deaths due to the pandemic are rising. Nankabirwa confirmed earlier fears that another lock-down is a possible option to interrupt the virus spread.

As it stands, Uganda has so far registered 2426 confirmed covid-19 cases and 25 deaths, with majority of cases registered in the last few weeks.




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