It is obvious, Ugandans will comply after another Lockdown -Nabakooba

Information Minister Judith Nabakooba; Courtesy Photo

Minister for Information, Communication Technology and National Guidance, Hon Judith Nabakooba has said only another lock-down can force Ugandans to comply to guidelines set by government in the prevention of spread of coronavirus.

Nabakooba’s remarks are in a statement she released today in the light of rising cases of coronavirus in Uganda which is attributed to citizens’ non-compliance to Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) to prevent the spread of the virus.

Nabakooba said, under the current circumstances, it is obvious that people will only comply after another lock-down has been put in place.

She however said, it is not in the interest of government to announce another lock-down because the livelihoods of people will be adversely affected by another lock-down.

By virtue of her office, Nabakooba is the official spokesperson of government of Uganda.

Yesterday, Uganda recorded 318 confirmed coronavirus cases, the highest number ever registered in a single day. Nabakooba says Ugandans have themselves to blame for the current situation because they disregarded the guidance of experts.

She also expressed concern over leaders both religious and political who still question the existence of covid-19. She said it is their reckless comments that have gotten the the bad health situation in the country where it is.

The public was also advised against using public transport since it has been confirmed as the biggest source of infections. According to the statement, 90 percent of all new infections in Kampala are from people using buses and taxis.



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