Parliament disputes claims MPs tested positive for COVID as Kadaga announces Mass testing for Legislators


The administration of parliament has disputed claims that some MPs tested positive for COVID-19.

This follows reports circulating in the media claiming that some members of parliament have tested positive and the Speaker has directed for mass testing for all MPs.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Acting Director for Communication and Pulic Affairs at parliament, Ms Helen Kaweesa disputed the reports and said parliament has no knowledge of any MP who has tested positive for COVID-19, as alleged.

Some sections of media had reported today, that a woman MP from Western Uganda (Names with-held) was last Tuesday admitted to Mulago Referral Hospital after her tests for coronavirus came out positive.

The same media also quoted Helen Kaweesa to have confirmed the report.

In her statement however, Ms Kaweesa stated that information relating to one’s status remains a confidential issue until one chooses to reveal it.

She also confirmed that the speaker Rt Hon Kadaga announced that members and staff of parliament will undergo mass screening for COVID-19 starting tomorrow, Thursday 16th July, 2020.

“In her communication to the house at be beginning of Wednesday afternoon sitting, Kadaga said that the Office of the Clerk of parliament was organizing mass screening of all members and staff of parliament at the parliament Health Unit” the statement reads.

The speaker’s decision according to the statement was in response to a request made by MPs two months ago that mass screening be conducted on site.

Parliament is composed of 457 members and over 400 staff and Kadaga noted that the process of screening MPs and staff will be conducted in phases.



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